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Where can I find help on how to use this web site?

See How to Use This Site for tips and guidance on major topic areas, data pages, navigation, search and other features of the site.

Where is the fact book?

The Facts and Figures section of the web site represents the fact book.

When are the Facts and Figures due to be updated?

Enrollment data is scheduled to be posted in late September to early October. Personnel Faculty Staff counts will be available in November. Student survey results are published at various times during the year as they become available. Check the What’s New section of this web site for notices.

How can I print the Facts and Figures tables in color the way they appear on the screen?

To print a color copy of the data tables, you need to enable the option in your browser for printing background colors and images. This also applies to printing background shading in black and white copies.

  • Internet Explorer
    • From the Tools menu, choose Internet Options. Select the Advanced tab to view your Settings. Scroll down to locate the Printing section. Check Print background colors and images. Click OK.
  • Mozilla Firefox
    • Under the File menu, select Page Setup. On the Format & Options tab, select Print Background (colors & images). Click OK.

Where can I find the UNC campus business rules for counting and analyzing student records?

The Office of Institutional Research and Assessment has compiled internal guidelines for developers who are producing reports on students at UNC Chapel Hill. The document, UNC Campus Business Rules for Counting and Analyzing Student Records (PDF), contains explanations on

  • Counting Students
  • General Data Organization
  • Student Record Attributes
  • Course Designations

It also contains these helpful attachments:

  • School Codes
  • Career Codes
  • Undergraduate classifications
  • Course Numbering Model,
  • Reserved and Assigned Course Numbers
  • Standard Section Numbering System
  • General Education Course Requirement Codes
  • Distance Education Course Set up Reminders