Institutional Effectiveness

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UNC-Chapel Hill continuously assesses its performance in fulfilling its overall teaching, research, and public service mission and uses the results to further enhance its effectiveness.

Planning and evaluation activities occur at all levels and across all areas of the institution, with the University’s strategic plan serving as a blueprint for programmatic initiatives and budgetary decision-making.

A variety of assessment processes at the institution level and within academic and administrative units have been developed to chart our progress in relation to these strategic priorities and the effectiveness of our efforts to achieve specific outcomes and objectives.

Institutional Performance Measures
Metrics that assess Carolina’s success in accomplishing its mission and achieving strategic priorities by tracking our performance over time and in relation to our peer groups.

Assessment of Academic Programs and Administrative Units
Processes and procedures for assessing the effectiveness of individual units in achieving intended outcomes and using the results for improvement.

Assessment Resources
Examples of assessment methods, plans and reports from other institutions, and templates for reporting and analyzing results.

Surveys and Other Assessment Data
Results from surveys conducted by the Office of Institutional Research and Assessment to obtain feedback on student engagement in academic and co-curricular activities, alumni perceptions of the quality of their Carolina education, and many other topics.

Carolina Course Evaluations Online