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The OIRA website has been redesigned! In addition to a new look, the new website layout improves navigation, reorganizes some frequently accessed areas, allow for usability on mobile devices, and includes many new features.

There are six main sections of the OIRA website. These can be accessed from the menu bar or by clicking on one of the graphic tiles in the center of the homepage. Answers to Frequently Asked Questions, Additional Resources, and Contact Information are also available at the bottom of every page. Clicking on the OIRA title will always take you back to the homepage from anywhere within the website.

Just point and click to navigate to areas of the redesigned website by clicking on an image. Many pages on the redesigned OIRA website display images that can be clicked on to drill down into that topic area. A breadcrumb trail is always displayed towards the top of every page so you can see where you are and help you return to where you came from.

The new report layout makes it easier to get the report you need quickly. Reports have been categorized into more descriptive sections. To view a report on screen, select a category on the left to expand the list of available reports and click on a report. Some of the reports are available as dashboards that allow for an interactive exploration by drilling down or filtering the data.

Several icons are used throughout the redesigned website representing a specific behavior to help you easily navigate the new website. These icons have been designed to let you know what to expect before you click.

If you want to know more about the new website or have any questions please email us. We welcome the opportunity to tell you more about OIRA’s new website.