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  • Reports on applications, acceptances, enrollments, and entering student characteristics
  • Enrollments by academic unit, residency, student demographic characteristics including sex, race/ethnicity, and age
  • Reports providing degrees awarded, year-to-year retention rates and four, five, and six year graduation rates
  • Reports on current tuition and fees, as well as trend comparisons to AAU public institutions

Faculty and Staff

  • Reports containing full-time equivalents of University employees by rank, sex, race, and academic/administrative unit


  • Recent figures for basic categories including student headcount, University employees, student costs (Undergraduate) and Library


  • University revenue and expenses
  • library collections
  • trends in contract and grant funding

Report Library        View either current or prior year reports. These reports can be downloaded in PDF or Excel file formats.

To request an ad hoc report, please submit a Report Request Form