Planning and Decision Support

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Planning permeates almost every aspect of UNC-Chapel Hill and is particularly important in dealing with our accelerating growth. Studies and other resources are available for units at Carolina to use for planning or for operational needs.

Budget Planning
Data provided for use by schools and divisions in analyzing resource needs for the annual Budget Planning Process and other planning activities throughout the year.
  • Budget Planning Reports Updated January 2008.
    These web-based reports are designed to serve as an information resource for dean’s office staff during the annual budget planning process as well as other planning efforts throughout the year. The reports provide ten years of summarized data on enrollments and credit hour production. Users can choose to view the data at several levels of aggregation – University-wide, or by vice chancellor area, school, division, department, or major. This link also includes instructions for obtaining authorization to access the contents.

Department-Level Planning

This site, currently under construction, is being designed to provide profiles of academic and administrative departments and management data for use by department chairs. Contact Lynn Williford for additional information.

Additional Resources for Planning

  • Organizational File – provides a detailed view of the organizational structure of the University’s academic and administrative departments, including relationships between departments and rollup to the Vice Chancellor, College or Division level. This file is used in applications like the Data Warehouse to selectively provide data to the appropriate staff and managers about their departments and sub-departments.