South Building at UNC-Chapel Hill

Institutional Planning and Evaluation

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At the institutional level, success in accomplishing Carolina’s mission and achieving its strategic priorities is measured by reviewing trends in our performance over time and in relation to our peer groups.

Strategic Planning

Reach Carolina, the University’s 2011 Academic Plan, outlines six strategic priorities to guide our efforts over the next decade to attain levels of accomplishment and distinction befitting our mission as a leading public university.

Performance Measures

The Carolina Metrics were developed to enable us to review our success in fulfilling Carolina’s mission and strategic priorities. The indicators were identified following a campus-wide effort to solicit input from faculty, senior administrators, staff, and students in response to the question “How can we measure Carolina’s academic performance?”

Peer Groups

UNC-Chapel Hill benchmarks its performance in key areas against peer institutions. These comparisons are used to identify strengths and weaknesses, refine strategies for our continuing pursuit of excellence, and guide decisions about major resource investments. Depending upon the specific metric, we use one or more of the following reference groups, listed below from least to most exclusive.