Carolina Course Evaluations Online

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The Carolina Course Evaluation System is a valuable tool for helping schools and units at Carolina learn about the student experience in the classroom. This information can be used to enhance both teaching and learning at UNC-Chapel Hill.

In fall 2014, the Carolina Course Evaluation System began using Scantron’s Class Climate software. Class Climate provides more flexibility for schools to create and administer online and paper course evaluations and develop custom reports. It is managed by the Office of Institutional Research and Assessment (OIRA) and funded by the Executive Vice Chancellor and Provost, and is available to the schools at no charge.

The Executive Vice Chancellor and Provost has given Deans the authority to make all decisions concerning the methods and practices used to evaluate courses within their units. Faculty should contact their chairs to find out if their units already participate in the Carolina Course Evaluation process. Dean’s office staff can provide additional information and guidance to faculty concerning any course evaluation policies or procedures.

The Standard Carolina Course Evaluation Instrument has been adopted for use by many schools. It was developed by a faculty working group appointed by the Provost and is endorsed by Faculty Council. Please note that departments are free to create their own instrument, subject to their Dean’s approval.

In the online course evaluation process, students receive an email inviting them to participate in an evaluation for one or more of their enrolled courses. Schools decide when to administer the evaluations, the evaluation period, and when to send email invitations and reminders. The invitation email informs students of the course being evaluated and when the evaluation period ends. Email reminders can be sent until either the student completes the evaluation or the evaluation period ends. Students select the link provided in the email and can complete the evaluation using their laptop, desktop computer or mobile device. Once submitted, responses cannot be edited. All responses are anonymous.

The Class Climate software also includes a reporting feature. Schools can use the reports or create custom reports to suit their analysis needs. Staff in the Center for Faculty Excellence offer consultations for individual faculty and departments about how to use course evaluation results to improve teaching and learning. More information on their instructional support services and workshops may be found at:

Questions or requests for additional information regarding the Carolina Course Evaluation System can be directed to the support team in the Office of Institutional Research and Assessment at Administrators can also subscribe to the users group: