Assessment Resources

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General Resources about Assessment in Higher Education

Internet Resources for Higher Education Outcomes Assessment is a rich source of information on assessment practices at other institutions.  This site contains hundreds of examples of assessment manuals, student learning outcomes plans and reports for various disciplines, and templates.

Writing Student Learning Outcomes

Using Rubrics

Introduction to Rubrics


The Association of American Colleges and Universities (AAC&U) has produced a series of widely accepted rubrics intended for use in undergraduate programs. Each rubric is developmental, designed to measure student progress through the baccalaureate experience

Many institutions have adapted the VALUE rubrics to fit their specific needs:

Rubrics for Evaluating Language Proficiency

The American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages offers proficiency guidelines for evaluating speaking, writing, listening and reading, as well as some samples.

Rubrics for Evaluating Writing

UW-Stout has a good collection of rubrics for writing.

Classroom Assessment for Student Learning