Facts and Figures

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A variety of statistical and narrative information describing the University. Topics include information on the history, mission, and organization of the University, and recent data on: enrollments; student, faculty, and staff characteristics; fiscal and capital resources; and academic, research, and public service activities.

General Information About the University
Descriptive information about the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill’s mission, history, organization, and governance.

Data Summaries and Publications
Summaries and compilations of a variety of statistical information about the University that can be downloaded or printed for reference, including a brochure of quick facts, previous fact books, and the Common Data Set.

Student Data
Tables and reports describing student academic and personal characteristics, applications, admissions, enrollments, degrees awarded, and alumni status.

Retention and Graduation
Tables providing degrees awarded, year-to-year retention rates and four, five, and six year graduation rates of first-year-student cohorts from 1975 to the present.

Faculty and Staff Data
Tables containing headcounts and full-time equivalents of University employees by rank, sex, race, and academic/administrative unit.

Research, Capital and Fiscal Data
Trends in external awards, University revenues and operating expenses, tuition and fee charges, space allocation, and student housing.

Alumni Data
2015 Alumni Living in North Carolina Counties Excel PDF